Connect to your Client

Build Business Relationships

Interact with co-workers, customers and potential targets.


Why Hand shake?

Effective collaboration

Avoid duplicating work and empower your teams to work faster and smarter.

Improve customer service

Team members can access real-time information to provide faster and more accurate customer service.

Speed up process

Save up to 90% times on the back-and-fore document gathering and verification process.

Gain business insights

Accessing total business information provides visibility for planning growth.








Lead & sales performance managment

Customer and supplier management

Customer and supplier management

Sales order management

Project management


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From our professional team

Close Consultation & Support

Weekly developments and visual updates are provided to ensure projects are always on track.

Agile Approach

Weekly developments and visual updates are provided to ensure projects are always on track.

Professional UX/UI Development

We offer UX/UI design services to ensure the requirements and deliverables are aligned.

Stable Service Quality

With oner expertise in enterprise system management, consistent and stable service quality is fully guaranteed.


Better management for your company

Multiple Merchant

Support centralized stock, products, suppliers and customers and decentralized orders and printed template.

Account Payable

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a powerful tool for managing multiple addresses, contacts, custom information, document uploads, credit management, auto takedown, special discounts, and parent-child company relationships. It enhances organizational efficiency and customer service.

Account Receivables

ERP's AR module enables easy record search (customer#, name, P.O., invoice#, issue date, delivery). Monthly summaries auto-generated for cross-checking by accounting staff. Optional AI OCR assists data capture and validation.

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